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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Cincinnati: Day 1 (With Pictures)

I just returned from Occupy Cincinnati.

It was a great event with great people. I'm not a professional surveyor, but I'd say there was about 400-500 people there. Not a bad start at all, and I hope this is just a start. I hope it keeps growing just like the movement itself has over the past three weeks.

There were about 4 Ron Paul/Wall Street supporters there. They were heckling until one of the speakers neutered them. I Felt compelled to confront them, but then realized their congregation of four standing beside a congregation of 400-500 said more than I ever could.

There's just not that much support for Wall Street these days.

I've always urged people to take part in this nationwide movement since day one, but now that I've been to an event, I suggest it more than ever. If there is an event near you (I'm sure there is) You should attend. You won't regret it!

Here's a few pictures of the event today courtesy of Jessy Hicks

This is NOT litter. They had an area of materials to make your own sign. 



  1. That is so great to see, especially in Cincinnati, which tends to to go "red" in parts of Ohio.
    Here in Chicago, there has been 1,500 plus people turning out at the Chicago Board Of Trade for over a week.

  2. I live in NYC and go by OWS on a pretty daily basis..i have to say its not that impressive :/ the pictures from Cincinnati look better than whats in NYC right now.

  3. Also, you might find this link interesting, if not at least ironic :)