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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Ultimate Liberal Fact Sheet and Debate Aide - Pt. 1


Barack Obama Created More Jobs in 2010 Than Bush Did in His Entire Presidency

Bill Clinton Raised Taxes on the Rich and Created 23 Million Jobs

George W. Bush Cut the Tax Rate for the Rich and Created Only 3 Million Jobs

Jimmy Carter Created 7.5 Million More Jobs Than George W. Bush

Bill Clinton Created 7.1 Million More Jobs Than Ronald Reagan

Tax cuts for the Rich Do Not Create Jobs

Spending Cuts Do Not Create Jobs

Consumer Demand Creates Jobs

The Federal Government Does Create Jobs, Over 2 Million to Be Exact

Government Does Create Private Sector Jobs

More Private Sector Jobs Were Created Than Government Jobs So Far in 2011

The Financial Crisis Started in 2008 Under Bush, Not Obama

The Recession Started in 2007 Under Bush, Not Obama

Obama Did Not Make the Recession Worse, it Ended in 2009

Republicans Support the Outsourcing of American Jobs

Republicans Voted to Repeal the Minimum Wage

Many Republicans Support Repealing Child Labor Laws

Many Corporations Lay Off Thousands of Employees in Times of Record Profits

The House GOP has Created 0 Jobs and Voted to Kill Over 1.9 Million Jobs Since Winning Control of the House in 2010 on the Promise of Job Creation

The Average Income Growth Rate is Much Higher Under Democrats Than Republicans

Over the Past 60 Years, Democratic Presidents Have Created More Jobs Than Republican Presidents


President Eisenhower was the Last Republican President to Balance the Budget and/or Create a Surplus.

Ronald Reagan Tripled the National Deficit

Bill Clinton was the Last Democratic President to Balance the Budget and/or Create a Balanced Budget

Bill Clinton Created the Largest Budget Surplus in American History

The Republican Congress in the 90's was Not Responsible for the Budget Surplus in the Mid/Late 90's. Clinton's Deficit Reduction Bills that were Passed Before Republicans Took Congress and Clinton's Tax Reforms were Main Reasons. The Deficit was Decreasing Before Republicans Took Control of COngress.

Bush Inherited a $286 Billion Surplus and Left Office with a $1.2 Trillion Deficit

Tax Cuts Add to Our National Deficit

Since 2001, War has Added Over $1.2 Trillion to Our National Deficit


Under Obama, Taxes are Currently at the Lowest Levels in 60 Years

The Stimulus Bill Contained the Largest Tax Cut in American History

Ronald Reagan Raised Taxes 11 Times

Unemployment Soared After Ronald Reagan's 1981 Tax Cuts for the Rich

The bottom 50% DO Pay Taxes, They Pay Payroll Taxes, The Rich Do Not. The Rich Pay Income Taxes.

When You Look At Taxation Based On Income and Percentage, the Bottom 50% Pay More in Taxes of Their Income Than the Rich

The Bottom 50% Also Pay Sales and Property Taxes

The Rich Paid 90% in Taxes During WWII and Throughout the 50's. They Were Still Rich.

Ronald Reagan Cut Taxes for the Top 1% in Half over 8 Years

The US has the Largest Income Gap in the World

The Richest 400 Americans Have More wealth Than Half of All Americans Combined

Less Than 1% of Americans Make $1 Million or More a Year

Most Corporations Pay No Taxes at All

Closing Tax Loopholes is Not New Taxes or Taxation

Raising Taxes Creates Jobs and Increases Revenue

Over 1,400 Millionaires Paid No Taxes in 2009

Your Taxes are Used to Build and Maintain Our Entire Civilization


Republicans Spend More Than Democrats when in Office

The States That Cut the Most Spending, Lost the Most Jobs

The US military and Defense is Americas Biggest Expenditure

If the Government Did Not Spend, the Country Would Shut Down (Do I Need a Link for This, or Does Common Sense Pretty Much Cover it?)

Bush Signed TARP Into Law, Not Obama


Those Making Over $106,800 a Year Do Not Pay Social Security Taxes

Social Security Does Not Add One Cent to the Deficit

Social Security Currently Has a $2.6 Trillion Surplus

Social Security is Solvent Until 2037

Ronald Reagan Expanded Social Security by Raising Taxes

Social Security Benefits Represent About 41% of Income for the Elderly

In 1940, the Life Expectancy of a 65 Year Old was Almost 14 Years, Today It's Almost 20 Years

9 Out Of 10 Seniors Over 65 Receive Social Security Benefits

Social Security Covers Over 8 Million Disabled Americans


50 Million Americans Do Not Have Health Insurance or Coverage

Americans Pay More for Healthcare Than Any Other Country

Medical Bills are the #1 Cause of Bankruptcy in America

America is Ranked #37 in Health Care Worldwide by the World Health Organization

America is One of the Only Nations That Does Not have Guaranteed Health Care for It's Citizens

45,000 Americans Die Every Year from Lack of Quality Health Care

Single Payer Health Care Would Save Businesses Millions by Not Having to Provide Their Employees with Health Care

Insurance Companies Deny Paying Customers Care in Times of Record Profit

Insurance companies Spent More Than $2.5 Million a Month Fighting Heath Care Reform (This could have bought a lot of health care for their clients they denied care to because they claimed they couldn't afford it)

Americans Pay More for Prescription Drugs Than Any Other Country

Canada Made the Man Who Founded Their Universal Healthcare System a National Hero

The Majority of Citizens in Countries That Have a Universal Health Care System Like It

Health Care Reform Reduces the Deficit by $1.3 Trillion Over 20 Years

Health care reform cut waste from medicare, not service. This made medicare more solvent by 12 Years and reduced drug costs for half a million seniors

health Care Reform will Cover Over 34 Million Uninsured Americans

Members of Congress Have Taxpayer-Funded, Government-Subsidized Health Care.

Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are Forms of Government Health Care

Government Health Care is More Efficient and More Cost Effective than Private Health Care

No Government Funding is Used for Abortion

Health Care Reform Does Not Cover Illegal Immigrants

Health Care Reform Does Not Create 'Death Panels'

Private Insurance Companies DO Have Death Panels


Public Education Cuts Weaken Education, Schools and Resources for Students and Teachers

Public School Teachers Make an Average of $35,000 a Year

States That Allow Public Teacher's Unions Have Better National Test Scores Than States That Do Not.

More than 500,000 Students Have Defaulted on Their Student Loans Since 2008

7,000 Students Every Year Begin Their Adult Lives Over $100,000 in Debt Due to Student Loans

Private Schools are Too Expensive for Most American Families

Bush's 'No Child Left Behind' Education Plan was a Complete Failure and Hurt Public Education


Al-Queada and the Taliban Have Killed More Muslims Than Non-Muslims

Muslims were Killed in the 9/11 Attacks

There are 1.6 Billion Muslims Worldwide

Al-queada and the Taliban are Religious Extremists, Not Traditional Muslims

Islam is a Religion of Peace

There are 1,209 Mosques in the United States.

The US Constitution Guarantees the Right to Freedom of Religion


In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act that for the first time, required background checks to buy a gun. Since then, fire-arm related crime has plummeted dramatically. Proving rational gun control measures are effective.

Murderers such as Jared Lee Loughner ,despite being mentally ill and the Columbine killers , Despite being underage, were able to obtain guns in the US.

Al-Queada Leader Told Members in the US via Video to Buy Guns at Gun SHow to Avoid Background Checks and Then "Shoot People"

Gun Shows Have Found Loopholes That Allow Them to Sell Guns Without Performing a Background Check

America has More Gun Related Deaths Than Any Other Industrialized Nation


Unions Built the Middle-Class

Unionized Workers Have Higher Wages and Benefits

Unions Do Not Drain Business. Unions are Good for the Economy.

Labor Unions Improve Employee Turnover Rates, workplace Productivity, and Workplace Safety.

Between 1945-1973 unions were at their peak and more American workers belonged to unions. This period was one of economic growth, fair wages, and prosperity.

Union Members Fought and Many Died Fighting for Worker's Rights Like Weekends, Lunch Breaks, 40 hr Work Week, Sick Days, Minimum Wage, Benefits, etc.


40% of America's rivers and 46% of America's lakes are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life

Every year, U.S. factories spew 3 million tons of toxic chemicals into the air, land, and water

Animals are Currently Becoming Extinct at the Fastest Rate in History

The Earth's Climate is Increasing

1980-2000 were the Hottest Decades in 400 Years

11 of the Past 13 Years have Seen the Warmest Temperatures Since 1850

The Arctic Region May See it's First Ice-Free Summer by 2040

In 1910, Montana's Glacier National Park had 150 Glaciers. Today it has 30

Based on reports from over 2,500 scientists from more than 130 countries concluded that humans caused most if not all over the planet's rise in climate


The Average Welfare Payment is $500 a Month for a Family of Four

The Average Unemployment Payment is $300 a Week

More White People are on Welfare Than Black People

While collecting unemployment insurance, you must apply for jobs and prove you are seeking work to continue to receive benefits

Unemployment insurance, welfare, and food stamps help stabilize and resume demand in a down economy.

Those Who Receive Unemployment Insurance Pay Taxes on It

PART 2 COMING SOON..............


  1. This is an awesome collection of information! I am bookmarking this post, and can't wait to see part 2. Thanks!

  2. "Those Making $106,800 or More a Year Do Not Pay Social Security Taxes" -> ON ANYTHING OVER $106,800. <- But the point is still valid - the rich are getting a huge tax break by not having to pay on all their income.

    Public School Teachers salaries: I didn't do the math, but from a casual glance at the chart, it looks like STARTING salaries in the low $30s, AVERAGE salaries in the low to mid $40s. Still disgraceful.

    The Earth's Climate is getting warmer - or heating up, if you prefer - not "Increasing"

    "40% of America's rivers and 46% of America's lakes are too polluted for fishing, swimming, or aquatic life" no citation in your link - got anything more solid?

    Typo: 9 Out Of 10 Seniors Over "65%" ?

    You're doing great work - hate to see it marred by sloppiness. The other side would love nothing more than to trash your entire opus based on a few goofs here and there. Please be careful. Thanks!

    @MadSciKat =^..^=

  3. It looks like anybody can say anything they want and put the word FACT in big letters and somehow what is printed becomes true. I call this the Pinocchio effect. Eventually your nose will be so long that you will not be able to reach the keyboard. Get a life and get some real facts next time,

  4. I see the other side has indeed weighed in - with nothing but insults. Want to be taken seriously? Present evidence, not name-calling.

    @MadSciKat =^..^=

  5. So, truthconcealer, truthdemeaner, whatever the name was... popped in, took a look at the mountain of facts backed up with links to cite their sources, blurted out a couple of lame insults, and ran! The "Pinochio effect?" Wow, that's original... how did he come up with that one?

  6. Let's take a look at Calvin Coolidge shall we. Clinton got lucky, and is also a sell out to the banks and creditors. He got lucky. He is at blame for the 'false' bubble which began to erupt as he left office. This stuff is so far off base, and doesn't go deep enough into the whole picture. It is non-backed rhetoric and empty ideology. It's easy to piece a few small tidbits of worthless information together to attempt to make a point. Let's all look at how Clintons level of deregulation and lucky timing is what really caused the people to spiral the country into an economic whirlwind.

  7. I think you mean "debt":

    Since 2001, War has Added Over $1.2 Trillion to Our National Deficit

  8. This is a great collection of information. Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this. Do you permit reprints with proper attribution? I would like to reprint this.

  9. I am so impressed and pleased to read these facts then pass the item on to my Face book profile to share with others. Thank you. Norma Boyd

  10. These are not fact checked very well. For example, most spending goes to defense. Click on link and percentages and graphs clearly show other entitlement spending is equal. My thinking is they have a bot that read the first part of the sentence of the referenced link and never bothered to read the rest of it. I would not be surprised if the whole list was put together using bots looking for talking points, but never actually read. Really poor research in my opinion.

  11. Again, the one says Obama created more jobs than Bush. Click on the referenced link and it takes you to a discussion that has Pelosi saying Obama created more "private sector" jobs than Bush. Read further and the facts change if you add public sector jobs. Facts change further depending on what time period is chosen. This list is poorly worded and should not be used if you don't want to look like the village idiot.

  12. If we take the Bush vs. Obama "jobs" performance "fact" as an indication, and follow the link to Politifact which, in noting the cherry-picking of dates involved, gives this claim a "Half-Truth", then this page should be re-titled:

    "The Ultimate Liberal Half-Truth Sheet and Deception Aid"

  13. The entire defense department and related debt from military acts (such as war) account for over 50% of the federal budget. This includes veterans affairs too.