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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Republicans Say the Poor Don't Pay Taxes. Facts Say They Pay More Than the Rich.

You are being lied to.

There has long been a argument and philosophy coming from the Republicans that the rich are the ones who carry us, with the middle-class helping. While the poor and lower classes sit around all day and collect money while paying no taxes.

And that it is the poor who are bankrupting this country through entitlements as the rich sit by helpless in their agenda to create jobs and prosperity in America.

This, of course, is not true in any way. This is called "Divide & Conquer", a tactic in which you defeat your opposition by turning them on each other to weaken their alliance, then conquer them when they are divided, split, and torn from within.

The GOP needs to convince you that it is not their policies aimed at advancing the corporate agenda that are breaking this country, but that it's your neighbor. They need you to believe that the kindness in your heart is a weakness. That it is the poor, that they don't want to work so they can collect welfare. There is no way that they want to work but life dealt them a bad hand. That life is always fair and if you fail it must be your fault. They need you to turn against your own best interest as a common citizen to support their sponsor's best interest, with an empty promise that it will make it's way back down to you. Or that you'll become rich if you just work hard because only lazy people never get rich.

So their strategy is to paint the lowest income earners as welfare queens. Convince working Americans that their tax dollars go to 24/7 care to poor people who are laughing at you as they live the good life. Tell them that if we just ended entitlements that we pay into, if we just privatized everything and made people stand on their own two feet, and if we just give the superior hard-working rich people more money, that these welfare bums will suddenly transform into responsible bankers and oil tycoons. Making money the honest way.

Do you hate the poor yet? Those smug welfare hippies ruining America with their vast wealth and political power? It's so unfair! When will rich white men finally overcome oppression and have a chance to be heard?

Best of all, they even have the balls to say that the poor don't pay taxes!

But the GOP say a lot of things. Having balls and/or nerve has never been a problem for them. However facts, logic, and reality have been major problems for them.

The truth is, the poor pay MORE taxes than the wealthiest top 1%...

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

For those of you who are still not convinced and despite the facts, feel sorry for the wealthiest group in the world because you think they have to carry the rest of us, I have an idea for you....

Become poor!

More and more of us are doing it everyday! Maybe against our will, but still... it's the trend that keeps on growing!

If the poor in this country have it made, just give up everything and become poor. It's not hard to do.

Then you can live the good life. Move into a poor neighborhood ridden with crime. Drive a used car to get you to your job that is barely enough to pay all the bills if you're lucky, or wake up an hour early every morning to take the bus.

Oh wait... what am I thinking? Poor people don't work, remember? So just sit around and collect your unemployment check which is 60% of your previous pay when you were employed. And don't forget to apply for 3 jobs every month or they will take it away from you. Yes, they make you apply for jobs when you are on unemployment. I don't think republicans know this.

I hope having to borrow money doesn't bruise your ego too badly. Also, when times are stressful, you won't be able to take your yacht to some distant island to get away for a bit. But if you work hard all year, you may get one week of paid vacation if your lucky enough to work for a company that still offers it.

So what are you waiting for? Give up your Swiss bank accounts and stock portfolios and come live like a king with us down here on the bottom!

The only consolation is that you will actually have to pay taxes. Oh, and you don't have any pre-existing conditions, do you?

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  1. What a crock!

    Your charts are skewed and you know it. Higher excise taxes on the poor are due to the larger population in the bottom quintile. There are simply more poor people paying federal excise taxes on goods like alcohol and tobacco. The top 1% pay less in excise taxes BECAUSE THERE ARE FEWER PEOPLE IN IT.

    For instance, those making $25k or less make up 35% of the population, while those making $100k or more make up 7% of the population.

    Furthermore, for tax year 2008 the top quintile (those earning over $380,354) income tax percentage was 38.02%. The bottom quintile (those earning $33,048 and under) income tax percentage was 2.7%. Those who earn under $11,700 get ALL of their taxes back through deductions and tax credits.

    Even the AP (hardly a bastion of right-wing ideology) reports that 47% of all Americans pay no taxes whatsoever. "Either their incomes were too low, or they qualified for enough credits, deductions and exemptions to eliminate their liability."

    Facts are stubborn things.

    None of this would even be an issue if there was a single flat tax rate that would be the same for everyone. Every citizen would pay the same percentage of income. The rich pay far more, the poor pay far less, but everyone would the same percentage of income.

  2. They are not my charts, they are the CBO's.

    Facts are stubborn things, I can see you are having trouble digesting them.

    Flat tax is a horrible idea. Your taking the same size slice of pie from 2 completely different sized pies.

    Besides, here in America, we tax based on ability to pay. If you want to send the country into a depression, tax people who cant afford to pay it, watch revenue evaporate.

    We've had the Bush tax cuts in place for 11 years, "job creators" aren't creating jobs, the deficit is increasing, it's not working.

    Only the rabid right would demand that the poor pay more taxes while calling for cuts for the rich knowing well that they do not work.

    The poor in fact, do pay taxes and have been paying through the faltering GOP cutting any and every middle-class/poor benefit they can get their hands on.

    When do the rich sacrifice? They are making record profits and not creating jobs. They are doing more damage to the country than the poor is capable of doing.

    If conservative budgeting worked, it would have worked after 11 years.

  3. PS - Read the first link under "additional information" above. it will clear up your theory about the "47% who don't pay taxes"

  4. 47% not paying taxes? I am taxed all year long. However, due to various tax credits from home owners to child care and earned income, I get back everything I pay in plus much more that I never did. Although the income tax is paid in, it goes back out at the end of the year. In the end, it is a wash.

  5. Those number are percentages of the incomes paid in taxes not a percentage of total taxes paid. It is showing that the people in the lower quintiles are paying a larger percentage of their incomes in taxes than those at the other end.

    The poor pay a larger portion of their incomes because excise and sales taxes are flat taxes on money spent and the poor actually have to spend their incomes, so a larger portion of it is subject to the tax.

    The rich hate the income tax because it provides the only progressivity in an otherwise horribly regressive tax system.

  6. Those charts prove that the rich pay less of their income in taxes than the poor, not that the poor pay more in taxes. The basis of your argument does not support your argument at all. What do you have to say to that?

  7. If I pay 25 cents of every dollar I earn in taxes and someone else pays 15 cents for every dollar s/he earns, who is paying more taxes?