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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Thoughts on Anthony Weiner

It's like you never stood a chance.

In a Washington owned by corporations and special interests, you couldn't be bought. You fought for people who could never afford to repay you. You spoke loudly and clearly for those who could not get through, those who's emails got deleted, who's letters got tossed in the stack, those who couldn't afford lobbyist to speak for them. You didn't care what republicans thought of you. You were a rare breed, a strong unapologetic liberal congressmen.

The GOP hated you for this. You were a top target for them.

The thing is, I can't completely blame them. You did this to yourself. You have jeopardized your marriage and your character.

However, at the end of the day, you never did anything to us. You never hurt us.

You never supported giving giant tax breaks to the rich on the back of the working-class.

You never denied 9/11 rescue worker's health care.

You never told us that we should cut back so that millionaires can become billionaires.

You never told seniors that they should pay more for Medicare and Social Security.

You never told gays and Muslims that they were not American because of who they are.

You never once sold us out or compromised us for corporate profits.

So despite what you did in your personal life that has nothing to do with me whatsoever... I can't be mad at you. I can be disappointed in your actions, but I can't be mad. Even if I try.

And maybe I shouldn't even be disappointed. You didn't do anything that millions of men and women across America aren't doing. It doesn't make it a good thing, it just means you're human. You make mistakes. We as humans constantly forget and/or try to pretend we are not. It's one of our greatest flaws.

I have this strange feeling that you are not being punished solely for your actions, but because you are a vocal democrat. Like you could have survived this if you just shut up and played the game and danced for the bosses like the rest of them. They found a pimple on you and turned it into an infectious boil. I don't think many will look back at this and say that justice was served or that America was better off after you left congress.

What your Republican colleagues in the house support and vote for is far more immoral than anything you have ever done.

In your time in congress, you helped millions of people.

You are part of the reason why millions of Americans will have health care they otherwise could not afford.

You are part of the reason 9/11 rescue workers have help from the government with their health issues after selflessly running into collapsing buildings to save the lives of strangers.

You are part of the reason why Wall St. has more rules to help protect consumers and we have a consumer protection bureau to protect us from big bank schemes.

You secured a full house vote on Single-Payer Health care for America.

You are part of the reason why working Americans still have half a chance.

To me, your message and accomplishments will always overshadow your personal actions that did not effect my life in any way.

If you were a lame duck, do nothing congressman or a republican, you would have probably survived your scandal, if anyone would have ever found out at all. Since you decided to fight for middle America over corporate America, they beat you with it like a sledgehammer.

You did not have corporate America's money to help suppress your scandal and you never used taxpayer funds during your scandal or to attempt to cover it up.

Despite what you did, you are still a better human being than most of the people you served with.

They may have silenced the messenger for now, but they will never silence your message, for it is the cry of the oppressed and working people of America. And you delivered it with heart. Sadly, it's rare to see passion like you had. You weren't a politician, you were a public servant.

I'm not going to judge you, give advise, or tell you what you should or shouldn't do now.

I'm just going to say Thank You for all you have done for us.

The fight goes on....

Hopefully you will join us again soon.


  1. Well put as always! Thank you for the great commentary.

  2. What is more disgusting to me is the fact that his own party threw him under the bus!

  3. I agree. Democratic leadership just showed the right that we will fold under pressure and devour our own if they pick on us hard enough. Democrats need a spine.

  4. People are naive and like to pretend like no one ever lies. So I think what bothers a lot of people is that he lied and tried to claim someone hacked into his computer..it's not right but i would rather a congressman be lying about something personal that doesn't affect us anyway than lying about important policies inflicted on us.

  5. Great post. I couldn't agree more.

    My "joke" was that there was, at the very least, photographic evidence that there was a Democrat with balls.

    AB is a slimeball (I'm done saying his name, and giving him the attention he clearly didn't get as a child,) but this time the target did the crime; if you can call it that.

    An old lesson rings true...just tell the truth. The lie was the worst part. If he hadn't lied, then he can attack AB for going too far, and being...well...a slimeball.

  6. "Frank"ly, Miss Scarlett, I don't give a damn about Wiener's escapades but I give a really big damn we have lost an articulate, balsy (oops) voice for the people. I really am glad I tripped in cyberspace and landed on your brain. You now have a new follower.

  7. Weiner DID take the most disgusting pro-Israel stance, showing himself to be yet another stooge of the Israel Lobby.


  8. Members of Congress should be smart enough to know that what they do on the internet is not private. What concerns me about Anthony Wiener is that his sexual compulsions overtook his reason. Part of his brain is still in adolescent mode and he should not be in Congress until he grows up.